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Web Developer

Medical Electronic Systems


Medical Electronic Systems is a leading-edge technology company specializing in rapid, automated

semen analysis instruments for fertility testing and patient treatment in Reproductive Centers, Hospitals, Reference Laboratories, Doctor's Offices, and At-Home.

Required Skills:

• Confirmed expertise in web development with Angular and other front-end frameworks.

• Skillful in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/TypeScript.

• Familiarity with RESTful APIs and integrating back-end services.

• Solid grasp of web standards, responsive design, and making websites work on different browsers.

• Understanding of version control systems, like Git.

• Outstanding problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills.

• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, enabling effective teamwork.


• Build web applications using Angular and other front-end frameworks that are scalable, efficient, and secure.

• Work with different teams to understand and analyze requirements, and then turn them into technical plans and easy-to-use designs.

• Write clean and reusable code, following the best practices and standards used in the industry.

• Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/TypeScript to create and improve user interfaces.

• Fix technical problems, bugs, and other issues quickly.

• Support and take care of existing web applications, finding ways to make them even better.

Experience: Open for any Degree.

Salary package: Package will be disclosed only after the evaluation process.

(Approximately 10k – 15k )

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