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For the Love of the Learning

Space Zee Technologies was established in 2021 to create impact on learners and Mentors and revolutionize the concept of Hiring.

Space Zee is an edtech company focusing on revolutionizing the learning possibilities with Industry mentors, whose content is endorsed by the industry itself, enabling and emphasizing Industry ready collaborative learning, The Vision of the organization is to Make learners skilled and Industry ready and apply learnings in real time to create a Socio-Economic Impact.

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Believe us!
We were In your Place Earlier


As a true Human we are learners, we strive to learn everyday and evolve ourself!

Based on Our Previous Experiences on learning and the difficulties of Learning, we crafted one of the better solutions to enrich our lives to the fullest!

All of our services are user Eccentric, Be a mentor or a student or a Industry or a Institution we provide the winning situation for everyone!!!

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It takes the world's best talent to be a Impact Maker.

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