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  • How does Space Zee work?
    Space Zee offers programs such as Rock the Mock, Meet the Mentor, Learn it Out, Skill ++ and Pro Solver where one can test, assess and learn more to build up their skills and knowledge.
  • What are the services available?
    Mock Interview Meet the Mentor Learn it Out Product Development Skill++ Free Webinars Workshop
  • How is Space Zee different from others?
    Students get excel by utilizing the opportunities to choose their own mentors and the sessions arranged based on their convenience.
  • How can space zee improve my career?
    You will gain knowledge that is endorsed by the industry which will help you get a job guarantee.
  • Will you provide stipend for the intern?
    We will provide stipend based on your performance and duration of internship.
  • What is Space Zee?
    Space Zee is an edtech company focusing on revolutionizing the learning possibilities with Industry mentors, whose content is endorsed by the industry itself, enabling and emphasizing Industry ready collaborative learning, The Vision of the organization is to Make learners skilled and Industry ready and apply learnings in real time to create a Socio-Economic Impact.
  • Is there any placement offers available?
    100% placement opportunity.
  • Is there any internship offers available?
    Yes, we are available with internship offers.
  • How will you help me to build my resume?
    You will be made to meet available mentors who will guide and help you to build your resume and our available courses would help you to build your resume.
  • Will there be any connection with job offering firms?
  • Will Space Zee help me find a job?
  • What will be the add-on benefits that I'll get from Space Zee?
    For every service you take we provide free resume evaluation or equivalent services that would provide value addition.
  • How can I improve my interview skills?
    By taking up Rock the Mock session.
  • Are there any personalized training sessions?
    Yes, it can be done.
  • How to avail of membership?
    The membership can be availed through the Space Zee Website.
  • What are the perks available when I become a member?
    You can avail free webinars, meet the mentor session, mock interview sessions and various discounts according to the membership plan.
  • How to join in as a location partner?
    You can register as a location partner through the Space Zee Website and our team would reach out to you for further communication.
  • How to join in as an industry partner?
    You can register as an Industry partner through the Space Zee Website and our team would reach out to you for further communication.
  • What is the procedure to reach you to conduct a workshop in our college?
    By connecting with us through our website, social media, call and walk into our office.
  • What is Alpha CEO?
    It is an opportunity to learn entrepreneurship by working as a pseudo CEO of Space Zee and representing us in their college.
  • What is a wantrepreneur?
    If you have a startup idea you need assistance on. Pitch your ideas to mentors, industry people, and even investors.
  • How to join in as an alpha CEO?
    Register on the Space Zee website to become alpha CEO.
  • What are the advantages of being an alpha intern?
    Learning about entrepreneurship by detailing branding, promotions, human resource management, marketing, conflict management and people management.
  • What are the advantages of being a wantrepreneur?
    Get your idea pitched to the industry people, mentors, guides and investors.
  • How can I become a wantrepreneur?
    By registering and applying on our Space Zee Website.
  • What are the required skills and qualifications that are required to become an Alpha CEO?
    Any student who is interested and open to learning.
  • Can I get the certificate again in case of loss/damage?
    Yes, you can avail hardcopy as well as a digital copy.
  • How do I register as a mentor?
    The registration for mentors is to be made on the Space Zee Website.
  • How can I get information about upcoming seminars, webinars and workshops?
    For upcoming seminars, webinars and workshops you can follow our website and our social media pages such as Linkedln, lnstagram and Facebook.
  • What are the modes of payment?
    Online payment - razor pay
  • Do I have to start a course at any particular time or how long is the duration of the course the time span to complete the course?
    Based on the availability of the mentor and the customer, the course would start. The duration is variable according to the course (30hrs, 50hrs, 80hrs, 100hrs)
  • Can I pay after the completion of the course?
    Yes, that can be done.
  • Do I have a demo session?
    No, we don't have demo sessions.
  • What if there is a technical glitch in the live online session?
    Immediate actions will be taken.
  • Are the sessions/ courses free or paid?
    The discussion sessions are free, other sessions are paid.
  • What will be my takeaway from the course?
    Course completion certificate and guaranteed job opportunities.
  • Are the sessions live?
    Yes, the sessions are live and recordings of that session will be provided.
  • Can I clarify my doubts even after the session is over?
    Yes, you can clarify doubts in separate doubt clearing sessions.
  • What if I don't like the course or the way the course is going through?
    They can connect with the Space Zee Team, where their concerns will be resolved.
  • What happens if I am unable to attend sessions due to any unavoidable circumstances?
    The sessions can be rescheduled. But, only 2 sessions can be rescheduled.
  • Are the sessions online or offline?
    The sessions are both offline and online depending on the client's convenience.
  • Will I be provided with a certificate?
    Yes, the certificate will be provided.
  • Is there any opportunity for further assistance from your end?
    Yes, you can reach out to our Space Zee Team for any assistance.
  • Who is going to be my Trainers?
    Trainers would be industry experts and people who have adequate knowledge and experience in their respective fields.
  • Can I attend the session again?
    You can have a doubt clearing session which will be paid.
  • What are the benefits of attending the sessions online?
    Convenient of your choice and comfort.
  • What is the duration of the course?
    The duration is variable according to the course (30hrs, 50hrs, 80hrs,100hrs).
  • Will I be offered the course I ask for?
    Yes, we can arrange the course that you ask for.
  • What if I don't have my preferred course on your course list?
    We will make the necessary arrangements to provide you with the courses you prefer
  • How are the courses been formulated?
    Industry-endorsed content and market standards are incorporated into the course.
  • Are the assessments done on a specific day or can I schedule the assessment for my convenience?
    Convenience is applicable.
  • Can I secure an internship from my performance in courses, tests/assessments or workshops?
    Yes, based on the skill test performance internship opportunities can be provided.
  • Where can I schedule my meeting with my mentor?
    On contacting our Space Zee Team we would communicate and help you schedule the meeting with the mentor.
  • Within what duration will I be provided with a certificate after the completion of the course?
    Within 1 week of completion of the course, the certificate will be provided.
  • How can I ensure that I'm adequately prepared for the course?
    You will be assessed with assessments from which you can make sure if you are prepared for the course.
  • How do I register for the courses?
    The registration for the course is to be made on the Space Zee Website.
  • Can I choose my own location?
    Yes, you can choose your own location.
  • Can we choose our own mentors or tutors?
    Yes, You can choose your own Mentor.
  • Are the session durations open to modification?
    Yes, the course sessions are open for modification.
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